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Something you should probably know about me is that I’m not afraid to talk about things that people might think taboo—especially when it comes to our hidden areas. This time I will talk about brazilian hair removal. You must’ve known that I love to remove unwanted hair on my hidden area by laser back when I was in Indonesia. Fortunately, it doesn’t take time for me to find a laser hair removal clinic in Auckland, Laser Clinics New Zealand was established for the very first time in Australia in 2008. The place is quite close to where I live in Ponsonby.

Why would I choose laser? First, I hate shaving my legs, underarms, and vagina because the ingrown hair was annoying and the hair grows thick and dark which I find itchy and irritating for my skin. Plus, I need to do it more often and sometimes I miss some spots.

Second, I’ve given up on waxing since I couldn’t bear the pain every month. On top of that, again, the ingrown hair. Even though is not as much as shaving. That means it requires me to scrub quite often. However, the best part of waxing is my skin was smooth and (I know this might sound weird!) feel CLEAN! Furthermore, it takes longer for it to grow back because it removes from the root, not just on the surface.

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I know most of you already knew about laser hair removal, but you must be wondering: is it worth it? I could say yes! The treatment has a higher short-term cost but is really worth it in the long run if you like something permanent and no hustle. Of course, it’s not an instant result and you need to go through multiple treatments before getting a clean slate result. Since I have very high pain tolerance so it’s not a big deal for me. Because hair thickness and hair color differ may vary of the pain tolerance of an individual.

This is my first have had a Brazilian laser and the first time for me to do laser hair removal overseas. So, it was a kind of experience for me. You know the feeling of excitement and being a little scared for the first time? That’s how I felt.



I love how it boosts my confidence when I wear my bikini. Another thing is that it drastically altered how I feel about my body. I don’t have to worry that bushes down there will appear. Especially aftershave result which really uncomfortable, thicker hair and itchy!

A Brazilian, meanwhile, covers more than bikini treatment as it seeks to remove all pubic hair, including the labia and perineal areas.

However, Laser Clinics was close to where I lived, and they always have laser hair removal deals in Auckland every month. Laser Clinics was located in the heart of Ponsonby (they have several branches in New Zealand). The clinic was quite cute with a comfy interior.

By the way, I always book my treatment online because it’s easy peasy and a time saver. Every time you book, they send you a notification email about what to do before treatment such as down below:

• All clients should arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time to allow for treatment preparation
• Temperature checks as you enter the clinic
• Markings on the floor in the reception area for social distancing
• Limit of 1 staff member and 1 client per treatment room. For the safety of our community, we ask that you please attend your appointment alone
• Our highly trained medical staff is equipped with personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves were required
Before your appointment for Laser hair removal please ensure the following (applies only to the areas been treated):
• We require you to shave the areas flush to the skin 12-24 hours before your appointment.
• Please do not use Vitamin A or whitening creams in the areas been treated for 3 days before your appointment.
• Please ensure you have not applied any fake tan 7 days prior or gotten any UV sun exposure/tan in the areas treated for at least 14 days prior.
• Please do not wax, epilate, pluck or use depilatory creams for 2-3 weeks prior
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us otherwise we will see you then.

When you step in for the very first time, the therapist will hand you a form to fill up about your skin and hair type, skin problem, what sort of laser treatment you have done, etc. Then they will assist you with consultation for about 15 minutes like how many treatments I should get and what should I do before and after treatment. They acknowledge that they have a different machine for darker skin and hair because the root and laser light may differ. Since my hair roots were quite strong with thick hair and dark skin so the treatment should be done on the second floor and I will have around 6-8 treatments at intervals once a month for the first 3-4 months. This all helps the therapist to identify the risks and can assess the area.


My first treatment was on 2nd June 2020 and took roughly 30 minutes with 15 minutes of laser hair removal consultation, 15 minutes female Brazilian, plus behind (add-on). They informed me before to expect some discomfort such as a little bit of tingling depending on the area and how strong the root is. But for me, it was still bearable although I could say it’s slightly a bit more painful than underarm hair removal.

First, they will provide me with, eyes protector which I need to use during the procedure to avoid any harm from the laser, baby wipes to clean the area, and told me to remove clothes from the area which to be treated and lay down on the bed. Next, the therapist will start marking the area and its ON. Don’t worry if during treatment you smell like something is burning. It’s a common thing. In my case, the pain scale is not as hurtful as a Brazilian wax. The treatment itself was about 15 minutes. Then 5 minutes on behind. This was quite a discomfort for me because I need to hold on to my cheek bums so the therapist can work on my behind. You know what I mean?

Once it’s done, the therapist will give you laser aid gel from Institut on a cotton pad to let yourself apply to the treated area. It works quickly to soothe and heal the skin after having had invasive or non-invasive professional treatment.

Brazilian laser hair removal has little downtime, so we can return to day-to-day activities. The only thing you need to understand is to avoid hot/warm water in the area for 24 hours. Apart from that, all good as gold.

So, a week after laser hair removal, I noticed to see the hairs on my bikini line were simply not there. It took 2 weeks and more to grow but… not as thick as before. This means it doesn’t grow back as quickly as it would have before. You know how pretty impressive for hair that usually regrows a day after shaving, right?

As a result, after doing it for 17 treatments there since then (ofc I couldn’t have the treatment during the lockdown series). Yes, it’s still growing back, but nowhere near like it used to.

Why would I recommend Brazilian laser hair removal?

– Best investment ever for this girl’s hair problem
– No more itchy post-shave
– No more red shaving ms. V
– No more worry about accidentally cutting yourself (Oyeah! I had once and don’t ask how hurt it was)
– My hair has gone from being extremely coarse to extremely soft
– No more suffering from ingrown hairs

Why laser clinics New Zealand? Well, I have my own experience that I can tell they have the best service. One day I was unable to buy treatments from my online account and I emailed the customer service then the owner clinic itself reply to my email! I was shocked but happy. It means they work closely on everything going on in their business. Plus, they often have monthly deals.

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