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Summer Vibes reed Diffuser you must have

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Summer vibes reed diffusers to give your home a fresh fragrance that reminds you of tropical paradise

Christmas is around the corner. I know I haven’t been updated my blog. Its been ages from my last post. And I want to give you an update that I finally finished my study and got my work visa. For the last couple of months, I’ve been working from home. Well, remote work has been part of my life. I’m quite happy to work from everywhere I can. But this time I feel like I need proper desk setup. However, since I have new desk and (finally!) my dream iMAC 24-inch pink.

As the theme, I put all together with touch of rose gold (more likely pink). I know it sounds freak. But I picked carefully to make my desk cozy. Speaking about pink, I found this gem, PALM BEACH Watermelon Fragrance Diffuser made in Australia. I usually grab some rando reed diffuser from Countdown and cost me around $12 or 15. But this time is a bit different, I want something exclusive, premium, and PINK! I need some scent gets a long with my table to create cozy ambience. It’s quite big investment for reed diffuser because it costs me $51,99. Got myself at Unichem pharmacy down to Ponsonby Road.

Palm Beach Watermelon Fragrance Diffuser.One of the best reed diffuser


I think it depends on the ingridients as well, same principle as perfumes. I can tell the difference from the scent and how strong the smell is. Typically, the priciers one have rarer or way more expensive ingridients. Some fragrance made from delicate flowers or oil, whereas others are made from synthetic fragrance that are easy and cheap to get. On top of that, less cloying and more natural.

I cannot remember the last time I used a reed diffuser—I am not a big fan of them because I’d prefer scented candle until one day I almost set fire alarm because my clumsiness which forgotten to lights off the candle. But this one is exceptional, I nearly squealed when I smelled the scent and saw it. To be honest, even the box could be table decoration as well. The smell reminds me of tropical paradise island, Bali, my hometown. It brought back memory lane of warm days, with fresh cocktails on my hand. The watermelon fragrance feels perfect for my summer Christmas companion in New Zealand.

What comes in the box?

Rattan stick is the best reed diffuser stick because rattan ensures that you get the absolute maximum benefit from the fragrance oil.
Watermelon PALM BEACH Fragrance Diffuser comes with beautiful peach doff box covered a 250ml simple glass bottle along with 8 pieces rattan reeds. FYI, The best reed sticks for best result is rattan while bamboo reeds contain nodes which interfere with the oil wicking process, resulting in a less efficient scent diffuse rate. The top note fragrances are combination of citrus splash, guava, cucumber water. Whats more, heart note with sliced melon, honeydew, and watermelon. With last touch base note of vanilla ice and sheer musk. Now, can you imagine yourself by the beach with summer breeze air while having a glass of fresh fruity sweet cocktail? I bet you do once you smell it! However, I dont think they have refill for this.

rattan is for the best result reed diffuser review

Personally, the watermelon fragrance is dominant with sweet fresh scent. Moreover, the essence of fun fruity summer sweetness is refresh me. On top of that, the hint of creamy aroma of guava is perfect combination sweetness and softness that immerse me into tropical oasis. Plus, citrus scents compliment all the fragrance to creates fresh and clean. I can say this one is one of people’s favorite eventhough they have various option on the website by look of how much good compliment they’ve got.

How to safety enjoy your diffuser

However, it is claimed the reed diffusers last for up to 5 months scent life. On the box written that we need to rotate reed weekly or when required to refresh the scent. My suggestion to make reed diffuser last longer is just use 4 reeds are enough because the fragrance quite strong and stay remain. For that reason, I just turn reed diffusser sticks when the scent a little bit worn off. My personal opinion, PALM BEACH COLLECTION reed diffuser definitely premium reed diffuser and one of the best reed diffuser I’ve ever have so far. I put reed diffuser in my bedroom or bathroom, wherever you feel need to.


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