Reason To Embrace Your Imperfection


the state of being faulty or incomplete.⁣

I never show you my imperfection face. But here we go #StoryOfMylife. Last night I was screening my followers and this account caught my eyes, I was silent. I feel connected. Her bio was written: STOP CALL ME FAT. I know I AM! ⁣The reason I started blogging because I have imperfection. I used to be dull, acne prone, etc. I also got bullied from my colleagues, high school friends just because I’m not white, have acne. Don’t you know how struggle for people who having fluctuate hormonal changing? Don’t you know they really try to fix it? From that moment I’ve been trying all skincare. My face and my life are not that perfect like my feed. Sometimes this happen. But this is me. I’m not too different with anybody else. I have acnes, pimples, but I embrace it. I’m not try to cover it. What makes me different is my personality. 😊 ⁣

How successfully beauty ads selling female consumer “hope in a jar”. Beauty ads has traditionally been one of the worst offenders for embellishing reality & selling women idealised and restrictive forms of perfection. They shaping the definition of beauty into young, thin, white, flawless models. How to achieve instant beauty, not to mention beauty plus apps (Ops!). All women obsessed to look as good as the ads. In reality, not all of us born with it. ⁣


How society somehow so mean to people who’s not as pretty as advertorial? People are easier to judge and say bad things to other without second thoughts. Stop contribute to people misery. Why I say that? Because it makes them stop give theirselves the love they deserve. Those who do not live according to beauty standards nowadays, are forced to think it’s their fault that they are too fat or too skinny or too dark. They desperate of feel accepted.

Now, the definition of beauty is shifting and no longer feel relevant in the modern age. Primarily some of you still aspired to look like models and celebrities, especially social media era.⁣ As you can see on SK-II use James Corden and Naomi Watanabe or Dove advert are changing. They started to enhance the natural beauty wether you’re fat

Accepting of my flaws to valuing myself. ⁣

The truth is my face is only the surface of myself. If you meet me barefaced and not like my photos, that’s reality. I’m not shame on it. Because I’m too busy accepting love from people around me, knowing what things I’m good at, my best quality.⁣ Being a beauty blogger sometimes makes me have to be perfect in any occasion. People expecting me as good as the pictures. I might be far from ideal body and look. But this is me

For you who still insecure because your society, what matters is you’re healthy & feel good about yourself, comfortable in your skin. What matters, is YOU. Let’s try a little step start from being a little bit nicer to each other, shall we? By telling them, you look happy! Instead you look chubbier. ⁣ Lets embrace the uniqueness of ourselves

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