Resolution Board: Reflecting on the Beginning of 2024


Can you believe it’s the third week of January 2024 already? Time is flying faster than my Wi-Fi connection during peak hours! There’s nothing that I love more than sitting down at the beginning of a new year with a warm cup of tea, my iPad, and last year’s vision board to reflect on what went well and what I want to improve going forward. This year, I found that people on TikTok are taking a different approach to New Year’s resolutions in 2021. Instead of letting your resolutions collect dust in a random notebook or forgotten on your notes app, try creating a vision board.

My Very Own Vision Board 2024

New Year. New Me. Same Dreams. Fresh Starts. 

Back in Aotearoa (which was one of my resolutions), this time, I’m on a mission – a mission to conquer a new career opportunity in the land of Kiwis and Hobbits. The language barrier might try to play hide-and-seek but fear not, I’m armed with the linguistic skills I honed at NZLC.

Let’s Talk Life Upgrade and Skill Boost

I’ve decided to continue my studies and pursue a degree in communication science. It’s a big commitment I’ve made here like committing to the ultimate Netflix binge, but with textbooks instead of popcorn. Why? Because education has no boundaries, and with technology at our fingertips, chasing dreams is easier than catching the latest viral meme. Plus, I nailed the META certification and aced several short classes last year – no biggie.

Reunion Vibes: Video Call Edition

Kicking off the year with a video call to Tina from Vienna, my dive buddy from Bunaken a few moons ago. Can you believe she’s got a new boyfriend and still looks as fabulous as ever? It’s like time forgot to age her, and I’m here for it. I am grateful to have friends who stick around longer than my Wi-Fi signal during a storm.

2024: The Year of Resolutions (and Fun)

It’s time to dust off the resolution board – top 5 or 6 goals ready for action. Some of them are a continuation of my 2023 goals. Such as MORE BLOGGING BUT IN ENGLISH! Brace yourselves, online world – I’m turning up the volume on my online presence. English writing skills, here I come! It’s not just my blog; I’m conquering social media platforms too. Prepare for some serious digital fireworks!

Mental Gymnastics, Anyone?

I’m seeing improvements in myself – less judgment, and more open-mindedness. If you’ve read my previous post about Embracing Slow Living in New Zealand: A 2023 Journey, you’d know it was a rollercoaster ride. But hey, 2024 is all about being social, meeting new people, and spreading good vibes like confetti. Let’s hang out, share stories, and be the support system we all need!

Farewell to Mom’s House

Embarking on a new chapter, I’ve decided to bid adieu to my mom’s house. The decision wasn’t easy, and as I make it official, the story unfolds. The initial plan was to transform it into a thriving business hub, but the numbers prompted a change of heart. The deep dive into my pockets for administrative needs led me to reconsider. Selling the house becomes the pragmatic choice, paving the way for potential ventures – perhaps a charming villa in Bali for business or leisure. The promise lies in the possibilities that await.

Financial Realities: The Need for More Savings

As I reflect on the past year, a significant chunk of savings vanished into the intricate legalities surrounding house administration. Adulthood, as I’ve learned, is rugged terrain, especially when money and property are in the mix. Let’s be honest; no one enjoys dwelling on such matters. This year calls for a stable and substantial income, a journey to replenish the coffers and fortify the financial fortress. It’s a mission to rebuild what was invested, making the present and future more secure.

Dreams on Wheels: The Quest for a New Car

In my teenage years, dreams often revolved around flashy cars, like my fantasy of owning a Mini Cooper. However, the practicalities of adulthood reshaped those dreams. Fast forward to today, and my perspective on the perfect car has evolved. The recent rendezvous with a BYD through the MEVO car-sharing service in Wellington reignited the excitement. This, my friends, is the dream car – a revelation that brings joy and anticipation. 

Wanderlust on Steroids

Get ready for more travels! I already make some country lists here. Once I secure that dream job, I’m jet-setting around the globe. Invited to a friend’s wedding in Osaka, and my hometown is calling me back with promises of cheap, mouth-watering local delicacies. 

2024 is the year of adventures – let the good times roll! Hopefully, I can accomplish my resolution. Anything that you want to achieve this year????

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