Romantic is (NOT) always fancy!

Hi, gorgeous! Its been awhile I didn’t do any updates. Time flies so fast. And now already weekend. Now I wanna talk about romantic.

What do you think about romantic? Should always with champagne, candle light dinner at fancy restaurant, with classical music? I don’t think so.

I have my own version for romantic. For me,
Romantic is not always about giving your partner with fancy things. It gives more meaning if you can make it. Just like giving him/her a birthday cake made by you. Or may be, a scrapbook with complete story about your relationship from the very beginning. Perhaps you have your own sight? Drop me your opinion on comment box.

For this past of few months I love doing some craft. Let’s call it felt craft. I made some samples and you could see on my instagram. Then I’m thinking it could be something for me if I’m doing it serious and persistent. Then I creating some project which I called My Shop. I want to do different things with other people. I know most of people already made this thing. But I will make it different. Totally! With this idea, I made my bf some felt birthday cake with candle.

So, last week was my boyfie’s birthday. With my own version of romantic, I made him some ‘cake’. This cake would be long lasting. It can be washed and could be used for more than twice or more, I think. I made him a felt birthday cake. Actually it’s a jar with fully of pineapple rolls. Because I know exactly how deeply in love he is with pineapple rolls. But I re-decorated the outside of jar. I gave little touch on some parts then here we go….

I didn’t make the pineapple rolls to be honest. I bought it at cake shop. Then I designed the packaging with nice. Mostly using red to reflected happiness, love, and cheer. After that, I made felt whipped cream with white to put it on surround of top. I put candle on the top of jar with his age. It was difficult to stick it on. Because the candle will slip on with fabric. So on that time I was thinking, ‘what should I do to make it standing still even I move the jar and it won’t be fall?’And some idea popped up in my mind. I sew little fabric around and glued it with hot glue. Next, I made flower around candle per each. It helps to handle the candle to stand. I didn’t add more decoration because I don’t want that looks too much.

And in another jar, with little size, I gave him felt fortune cookies with same colour and put some message inside. Then I went to his house with this new concept of cake and little gift that I already prepared before.

sorry with blurry picture :3

 What do you think? Share your opinion and advice on comment box, please!

Happy weekend all! ^ ^

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