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Hey! I miss you, dear my blog *kiss, hugs, and poke*
I really want to share something to y’all. But by the time i’ve got extra busier than usual. Yes, one thing would to say, I LOOOVEEE MY JOB! Actually i have 2 jobs now. As project officer in media advertisement and editor freelancer. What a lovely life! Am i too tired to do it all? Perhaps, sometimes i feel it. But most of them are fascinating life! Get in touch with people which far miles away from me by virtual media is really temptation. 

If i didn’t wrong, i think i told you before that i hold a media online promotion for Tourism of Ministry and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. Yes, i manage it! Something new, learn alot, be better from yesterday…
Anyway, while i write down this story… Colbie Caillat songs  playing on my list and accompanied by a big cup of hot chocolate!
The story starts when I became as PIC on KOMPASIANA Monthly Discussion, on August 4th 2012. Its not big event. But yes, thats my first time to hold as PIC in this company, the new one. And our client is Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia Republic (ok, i mention it more than once). Of course I was bit nervous. And the problem is I was not purely handle this event. Still mixed up with my previous co-worker. And, to be honest, it wasn’t good anymore. There were something missed at some point. You know, if you would like to handle an event. It means that all the things must be informed to you. Currently, we had missed communication and it was affected to mechanism. Fortunately, everything solved and went smoothly. And proudly to say that liasion unit from Tourism Ministry said that event was good and running well! Even, for me that we still had missed a piece of cake at the moment. But, problem solved! And lesson learned.
This event was attended by 130 participants from KOMPASIANA’ers, Akademi Berbagi, and other bloggers. Our speakers are: Sir. Frans Teguh, Head of Planning and Law (Directorate of Tourism Ministry and Creative Economy), Sir. Agus, Representative of Environment Ministry, Mrs. Sri Bebasari (General Head of Indonesia Solid Waste Association), Sarah Putri Dewi (Public Relation Pocari Sweet), and Amilia Agustin  (a high school student with highly motivated with our environment).
Our topic was about rubbish around tourist destination area. We held this event because we would like to spread information to take care our nature, ecosystem, etc. Why? Its not only for our tourism but also awarness to love our treasure. God gives all natures with flawless, beautifullness, and richest to makes us grateful and take care of it.
As we know, based on publicity of media, what a pity that nowdays most of our beaches on tourist destination already affected with rubbish all around. We have beautiful beaches with white sand and sea like a crystal clear. All included with beautiful coral reefs that you couldn’t find easily in other countries. 
All promotes or media promotion would be useless if WE NEVER CARE with our land, our treasure! So, start from now, remind your self, throw your rubbish right on the place. More effective if you could seperate it into organic and non-organic. What are you waiting for? If you want to make any change for our earth. Lets do this! Nothing too lose. You already deposit for your future!
Sita (My ex co-worker), Kiki (Account Executive KOMPAS.COM), me, and Mbak Mia (my colleague)

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
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